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Eloping/small Wedding

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I've had one small wedding and one secret wedding. :lol: The only ones who knew about it were our two witnesses and my sister, who couldn't be there. Our parents didn't know for like six months. Fun times.

I did it because I wanted to be married but didn't want to expense and fuss of a wedding. Most people were more upset that I kept it a secret than that I didn't have a big wedding, but my grandmother was all upset and cried a lot and I don't even know. I didn't see anything except her scolding us, but other people told me she was really upset. Some people care a lot about that sort of thing I guess. Next time I get married, I'll probably have a big wedding. But at that point, money won't be a concern.

That said, I have two answers and one comment.

1.) People should do what they want to do and not have to worry about obligations to tradition.

2.) At least consider how the people you care about would feel (which it sounds like you've done). If you're comfortable with how they'd feel, go for it. If not... well, that's something to consider then I suppose. Don't let your sense of obligation make your decisions for you though.

My comment is that if you're more interested in being married than in having a wedding, you're one of the rare people who have their heads in the right place when they form this legal partnership.


Not gluten free yet because I'm waiting to be tested.

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