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gluten-free Dominican Republic!

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I went to the Dominican. We paid for the vacation before I was diagnosed. That was very scary for me. I printed out this card that said I was allergic to Wheat, rye, barley and oats. It also stated malt and soy sauce. I brought it everywhere. They never made me feel like I was inconveniencing them and they were so eager to help. It was wonderful. I had seafood, mexican, buffet style, room service.. Here is a clip from my blog (so I dont have to type it all again)

"I went on vacation. To the Dominican Republic. I was NEVER sick! The people there were more than accomodating. I ate amazing food. I talked to the guest relations people and they helped me pick my restaurants. One day we got a note that said for me to go to the front desk. I had to meet the head chef cause he wanted to talk to me about gluten but we needed a translator to be there. They wanted me to tell them everything about it so they could be more aware. How crazy is that? Every restaurant I went to, I handed the waiter/waitress my gluten free card and watched their faces (it was fun)."

"So I bought this card that explains I can't eat gluten in spanish. Here is the info.

Soy al

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