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Need Help Finding Reason For Daughters Itching

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I am new to the boards and saw this chat area and hope someone can figure this out & sorry it's alittle long.

I can not figure out what is causing this. On Saturday night my daughter complained of itching of her legs at night. I didn't really notice anything and I thought she just wanted to stay up.

On Sunday night she woke with this same thing and I checked her legs and feet and she did have bumps. She also had some on her elbows and knees and lower back.

I gave her benidryl and let her sleep with me. I assumed it was some kind of reaction to something on her blanket or sheet or something. We had been outside the day before and I thought may be she had sap from this bush on her (this bush has made me itchie in the past).

Today I washed her sheets and blanket in detergent and bleach. I sprayed her mattress with lysol.

She just woke up again and the same problem. Mostly on her feet legs and knees.

I didn't think it was a bite because today there was no sign of anything in the effeced area once the itching went away. I figure it had to be a reaction to something.

We have no pets so we have no fleas.

What is going on? If you can help I would certainly appreciate it.

I did buy her a lamp at Target on Friday. It has a lamp shade with pink feather like things on it. It is at the end of her bed. This is the only new thing.

Also just to mention her comforter that I washed is a down comforter that we have had for almost a year. Can this become a problem.

I am going to try and sleep in her bed tonight myself to see if anything happens to me. I am just freaked out now and don't know if I will be able to fall asleep.

Sorry so long. please help me figure this out.



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Dillon 7yrs

Christina 2yrs

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Maybe she is starting to react to detergent. Both my sister and my husband can be fine with detergent and then on some days it bothers them. We switched to the ALL allergan free and clear. No one has had problems since. Not sure if this could be the case for your daughter, but it is worth checking out.

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Yes, allergies can develop at any time in a person's life. While it's more likely to be something new that's introduced, it can be anything.

While you were at Target, did she try on pants or jeans? New clothes have TONS of chemicals on them, and jeans are the worst.

Is she having any other symptoms? And how big are the bumps?


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Thanks for the ideas. I don't think it's detergent because I would think it would be a resh everywhere and not just at night.

She did not come with me to Target. This started Saturday night. She took a bath before bed and used the usual stuff.

Sunday night we came home from a family party and were running late so no bath that night.

Monday I cleaned all the bedding thouroughly and she did have a bath on Monday night and still itching.

The bumps are raised and look sort of like mosqueto bites but totally go away by morning after taking the benidryl at night.

Someone suggested to me that it could be hives and sometimes they come out only at certain times of day.

I am going to put Victoria in another bed tonight and see what happens.

Thanks again!


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My first thought was MRSA but this shouldnt be that if it completely goes away by morning. It would still be visible throughout the day.

My second thought is bedbugs maybe, they are very easy to transfer and she might have gotten them from being on vacation or having someone spend the night or borrowing a article of clothing from a friend or relative. Although I do believe bedbugs give a much bigger bite and stay visible.

I hope you get it figured out soon.

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