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Stupid Co-workers!

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Ah, the gift-giving season has begun here. And what better to get your gluten-free co-worker but shortbread cookies or chocolate-covered pretzels.

Seriously, what are people thinking? It's well-known in my department that I don't eat gluten. (I wouldn't blame anyone if they didn't know about the dairy, soy or potatoes.) In fact, the shortbread gift-giver even arranged a holiday lunch where I called the restaurant to make sure I could get something gluten-free. How hard is it to give somebody canned peanuts instead?

So, what's the stupidest give you've ever gotten from gluten-eaters?

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This happens to me every year. I do not take any offense. Your co-workers are simply leaving the same gift for everyone. I take all the gluten goodies home and feed them to my husband and son.

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my former favorite candy.

My hubby would be happy to take them off your hands.... he thinks I dont know about his gluten stash in his locker at work, lol

Lucky for me all my friends know about my gluten issues and either give me GC's or I also have them trained to buy me fresh new plasitc containers to carry my food in to work....

At work we dont do anything but cards... way to many of us to organize anything

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