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I'm coming in contact with more people who have some form of drug resistant eCoili. In a least 1 case it has taken them almost to the point of death. I guess the thing we gluten allergic people have to remember is in addition to allergic reactions we also can get everything a normal human can get. In our case it can become worse because our immune system is already under stress. eCoili and Giardia are 2 parasites that can give off symptoms as an allergy that attacks the stomach and intestines. I've contracted Giardia from washing my face in a lake, and it was just by chance that the doctors figured out what it was. My stool had turned to almost a water consistancy and they were ready to start a lot of lower GI treatment before they figured it wa Giardia. Cured it with a $20 prescription. Also, remember that the EPA controls how your tap water is treated and the FDA controls how bottled water is treated. EPS imposes eCoili treatment for tap water, but FDA does not for bottled water. Go figure.

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