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Magnesium Citrate Powder?

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Those of you who have done this for a clean out have you ever used Magnesium citrate powder instead of the nasty liquid?

Since my 4 yr old son needs to be cleaned out for his procedures next week I wanted to try this instead. I found some at Vitamin Shoppe and called the company and it seems like it should work. I bought this brand....Natural Vitality Natural Calm (Lame Advertisement).

I would do the liquid but my son doesn't take meds well at all and to drink 4 ozs will probably take us 2+ days so it just won't work. This is why last time the GI doc admitted him when he had the blockage.... .

Ok how important is it to be cleaned out when one is on Miralax daily and basically already is having loose stools?


Janel (me): gluten-free since 4/10/07; casien free 5/1/07;soy light 10/07

**LOST 35 lbs since April 2007(much needed weight loss)**

ds(6 yrs)- gluten-free since 3/19/07; casein free 5/2/07;soy free 10/07

HLA-DQ 3,3 (Subtype 7,7)

new dx= Hirschsprungs Disease w/cecostomy

the non believers, only allergen free eatting at home because they have to be:

Hubby: refuses to eat Gluten-free Casein-free except for dinner

dd(14 yrs)- refuses to go along with any special dietary retrictions *I suspect dairy/wheat intollerant*

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