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Blah Soy Intolerant Now As Well

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Hi guys havent been around in a while, sorry for the long absense... i have a million excuses, but i hate texcuses, so ill skip that part :)

My little girl (3 years old, diagnosed july 07) had the worst reaction the other night. Her belly swelled up like basketball size, she was in pain, burping, tuting, shaking, she was terrified, and she was throwing up. She kept making me put her on the potty, but that was uneventful. This went on for about an hour and finally i called her GI dr. (this whole thing is going on at 11 pm on a sunday night) I really just called to ask if there was anything i can give her, but he told me to take her to the ER. We didnt go, because we had just gotten released from our week long stay with our little boy 4 days before this, and i just kept thinking there is nothing they can do, and im going to be so frustrated explaining celiac disease to people that went to medical school. So we're pretty sure that she has formed an intolerance to soy, shes already intolerant to dairy, and she had drank a glass of soy milk a few hours before this all happened. Her GI dr is letting me take her off of soy for a week, and if she has no more problems he says that we can hold off on redoing her EGD (blah) SO far so good!!! Anyone have any suggestiong for any over the counter remedies that can help make her reactions less traumatic? Homeopathic suggestions accepted as well! I wasnt sure if pepto bismal or tums or anything like that would help at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We avoid gluten like the plague, but she keeps forming additional allergies, and i would like to be better prepared if this happens again! (if thats possible)

Thanks everyone!!!

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So sorry about your daughter's reaction. My oldest son has Celiac + severe peanut allergy + mild soy allergy, and he's been off dairy for several months for other reasons, but we're going to try adding it back in.

I sure hope she is not soy intolerant - it is in so many things. Some kiddos who are soy intolerant can have "soy lecithin" because it is very low in soy protein. You might try a week or two with absolutely no soy but then try a few things with soy lecithin to see if they bother her. The fact that my son can tolerate the lecithin opens up quite a few additional foods and beverages he can have. For example, Almond Breeze (almond milk), certain Kinnikinnick cookies, etc.

Sometimes when I have a particularly bad (surprise) reaction, I fear that I am developing a new food intolerance. However, many times when I rechallenge the same food, I am okay and I have to chalk up the prior experience to being accidentally glutened. Perhaps your daughter was accidentally glutened the day that happened - it would be frustrating (esp. when you're vigilant), but it would sure beat being intolerant to soy.

Best of luck to you!


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I'm so sorry to hear that! :(

My daughter (who was diagnosed at the same time and age as your little one) seems to feel better with pedialyte to sip on. She dehydrates quickly so the pedialyte helps with that plus it is a little sweet and is gentle on the tummy.

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Thank you everyone for your replies, im kinda lost on this whole thing. Im pretty sure it is soy, because she had been drinking a glass of soy milk everyday while i was in the hospital with her baby brother, and everyday when she would go potty it would be ALOT, plus ofcourse the distended belly and her saying that she has a bellyache. Since we have gone soy free she is not having any problems, and it was been a week now. Im actually hoping thats what it is, because like i said when her GI dr found out she was having problems he said ok i want to scope her again, and since she just went through this in September i really dont want to do it again! Not that the EGD was traumatic for her or anything, she loved all the popsicles and juice and didnt remember a thing, but i was a nervous wreck about putting her under anesthesia, and i really never want to do that ever again if at all possible, and especially not so soon!!! Hopefully we wont have any other reactions anytime soon, but i do realize that with celiac it is pretty much inevitable. We cook all of her food at home, she never eats anything prepared by anyone else, or in anyone elses home, so im thinking an accidental glutening is almost impossible, but thank you for the suggested possibilities. Merry Christmas everyone, Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday, with no accidental exposures!!!! (I hate family get togethers now, in between Bayleigh's celiac and food allergies the anxiety of holidays is almost not worth it... almost)

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What are your iron results?  Was ferritin (iron stores) taken?  Are you actually anemic (low hemoglobin)?  The results you posted are your Immunoglobulins.  Looks like your IgE is high, but then it is Spring and allergy season is supposed to be pretty bad this year (at least in the US).  What riggers your allergies (e.g. cats, horses, mold, etc.)? Have other autoimmune issues been ruled out that could cause tendinitis or vertigo?    
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