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Guest Maggi315

Newly Diagnosed 8yo, Need Ideas, Questions, Help

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Guest Maggi315


I'm going to cross post this in the newly diagnosed section but thought maybe others would see it here. I had posted before about my oldest daughters blood tests coming back borderline. We decided to get my 8yo tested too. She has had a rash on her behind for as long as I can remember, has always wet the bed, and craves and overeats gluten filled foods and carbs alternating with bellyaches. My pediatrician didn'treally think celiac because she doesn't have the typical symptoms and is a big girl for her age (she's almost as big as her 12yo old sister) buttttttt......

They called this morning, hers is high!!! They did not do a tTg,not sure why, guess I won't push for it, since her anti-gliadin was high, normal is below 17 and hers was 52!

Plus her IGA level was 63, that's low, what does that mean? The nurse that called the results in didn't really know anything about what the IGA level meant? I'm going to post this up on the other forum for newly diagnosed too.

Now, for the fun part, I need to get all the other kids tested, I am fairly certain at least 2 others will be positive, maybe all 3 (I have 5 kids total). My blood tests were negative, but I am having a horrible time healthwise and will go on the gluten free diet with them and will drag my husband in and get his blood drawn too, that will be a battle because his diet is horrible.

My 12yo has all the classic signs, she is small, has stomach, intestinal and pain in her gallbladder after eating which is getting worse, only wants to eat high carb, high gluten foods, has ADD symptoms terrible, is hyperactive, can't sleep, has terrible anxiety, I could go on and on, I'm sure she will be positive, she freaked when she heard the news today!!! My 17yo, who also is allergic to milk, eggs, chocolate, and has tons of environmental and seasonal allergies has pretty much declared she will not change her diet, even though it makes her sick (we did cookies yesterday and she spend most of the time running to the bathroom,today her face is terribly broken out!). This is going to be alot of stress, i hope we can deal with it!

So, my guess is her rash is indeed DH, the nurse said we should call a GI, they would refer us and get a biopsy and also see a dermatologist, but frankly, I don't see the point of putting an 8yo who is already deathly afraid of doctors and needles through all that when we got a positive blood result? Am I missing something?

thanks,I will cross post this so you might see it again!

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