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I Just Want To Cry

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Hey, I am new to this too. My son has multiple foods allergies. I only have the wheat allergy. I felt the same way you are feeling now. My son is a texture freak when it comes to food. It has to be just right or he wont touch it. It also has to be the right temperature. After we got the test results back we started immediatly to eliminate gluten from his diet. He was having some symptoms of him still having gluten. I found out he was eating all kinds of stuff for breakfast at school that had gluten in it. I am not saying that is what is happening but if you can, try and write down a food diary. Show it to a dr or make an appointment for a nuritionist. (it can be expensive but if you find the right one they might write up a claim for you) It helped with us. I found out I was giving him rice krispies. It has malt flavoring in it. I cried too. It is frusterating at first, take one day at a time. It will get better.

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