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What Are Your Favorite Dvd's?


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I love the Sound of Music

Annie too!

Shirley Temple movies are nice

I also like the Avonlea series, you have to buy it at Amazon but it is a wonderful series.

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

Friends may come and go but Sillies are Forever!!!!!!!


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Oh my gosh!!!!!!!

I forgot one of the most charming and wonderful movies of all!!!!!!!

It's called


and DEFINITELY worth owning. I rented it and watched it twice in one weekend....just an adorable movie of miraculous little boy, and such a happy ending.......



Diagnosed January 2006

"I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells." ~Dr. Seuss

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you have excellent taste in fluffy, fun movies, my dear :lol:

Hee, hee, why thank you. And so do you!!

I forgot about 13 Going on 30, I need to add that to my list. I also have a lot of gloomy tortuous favorites :lol: but she asked for light-hearted funny....

Here's a few more I like Kass (some might be repeats of other's lists):

Music and Lyrics

Almost Famous



Notting Hill

Raising Helen

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Maid in Manhattan

The Wedding Planner

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Non-cartoon movies, various humor levels:

National Treasure


Wild Hogs (about died laughing at this one! )

Hunt for Red Octobber


Pirates of the caribbean

oceans 11 (the rest weren't to good but this one was)

Cartoons (I watch them with my neice and nephew, honest!)

Ice age



The Wild

I know there is more but cant think of them at the moment

Just my .00000002 cents worth

If I knew what I was doing years ago I would have half a clue today!

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Julie and Susie Q!!!

We soooo have the same taste in movies! :D

I have almost all the movies you listed Julie...I'm a sucker for romantic comedies. :rolleyes:

and Susie....YES...I saw Millions at the theater....GREAT movie. Very cute and a really good story. I think it was based on true events??

I LOVED The Holiday and 13 Going On 30.... :D

I just saw a cute one at the movies..."Dan In Real Life" Check that one out when it comes to DVD. :)

.....also "Martian Child"...very cute movie...kind of a heart wrentcher.

Most of my faves have already been listed.

Heres a few more (some might have already been mentioned)

The American President

Fools Rush In

Life As A House

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Nine Months

Never Been Kissed (anything with Drew Barrymore)


Where The Heart Is

Fever Pitch


Win a Date With Tad Hamilton


You've Got Mail

Liar Liar


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Susie, Julie AND Rachel, I LOVE ALL the movies you mentioned!!! :D

My mom and I ended up going to Target she bought me:

Love Actually (we used to have it, but my brother hid it because I used to watch it ALL the time! Now I can torture him again! :D:lol:)

13 going on 30

Never Been Kissed with Uptown Girls (they came in a 2-pack kinda thing)

I will order some more from Amazon since I have 100 bucks of DVD's waitin' to be ordered! B)

Dairy/Casein Free- March 2007

Gluten Free- May 2007

Soy Free- August 2007

Sugar Free- January 2008

Starch Free- January 2008

Egg Free (again!)- February 2008

Sulfur Free- May 2008

Dx'd Lyme Disease and co-infections- December 2007

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Hi Rachel! :)

I love talking about movies.......I am a HUGE movie-watcher.....and yes, Julie just like you I do have my favorite list of the sad, tortuous movies also!!!!!!! ( Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan.......on and on and on......)

Kassandra - do you know about half.com? It's a division of ebay....you can get books, celiac disease's, movies at seriously reduced rates. Check it out - you can select conditions from brand-new to very used, and it's where I get EVERYTHING.

Have fun!



Diagnosed January 2006

"I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells." ~Dr. Seuss

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