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Acid Reflux Attack?

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well my first question is, i always had these attacks that were swallowing based...i would be eating and it would just be the strangest thing, it would affect my breathing, feel like there were air pockets/choking type feelings, throw me into panic, i would feel like i had to throw it up but that forcing would make it worst...i remember being in the bathroom gagging and praying it would stop cause it was terrifying and traumatizing, it was a lot of symptoms, mostly they would last 20 minutes and somehow go away...i never thought much of it since after that i was fine...is that an acid reflux attack? because it seemed like a swallowing/throat based attack, having nothing to do with my stomach or anything...i never woke up in the middle of the night with attacks like people say they do with acid reflux, it just had to do with something involving swallowing food at times....could those have been a muscle issue? a thyroid attack? it just doesn't exactly seem like an acid reflux attack, but who knows...it was very strange

and the other thing, i first started getting sick 12 months ago...i had an INSANE attack like that, it lasted for about 12 hours, every 3 seconds it was like a burning rock was going down my throat, my throat got so tense that i literally couldn't swallow and it made me dehydrated, my body was flipping out of control, it was the most terrifying thing i've ever had happen in my life and just destroyed my body...you'd try throwing up to get it to stop and couldn't, it would make it worst, it would feel like an air bubble was logged in your throat...i finally passed out and woke up an hour later gasping for breathe

has anybody had anything like that happen? the thing is, it is very strange, and it was what started all this...if anybody has, what could it have caused? because i STILL feel short of breathe....everytime i swallow, for a few seconds, it feels like an attack is going to happen...that airpocket feeling and you really feel it going down, to where you kind of have to hold still and catch your breathe after...i've been short of breathe, had pinching/odd sensations in my throat, dull feeling right in the center of my chest, if i'm drinking or something i can barely breathe...even my nose feels like that...i had a barium swallow and it was fine, but i really don't get how, since i have obvious things caused by that, and eating and drinking is a hassle...another thing is i just have constant trapped air in my throat, if i was to burp, when it's over, a few seconds later a HUGE one comes out, like there's trapped air bubbles or something...would make sense...i just have no clue where to go with this, so if anything i said rings a bell, tell me...i have no clue where to go with any of that...one thing i can say though is i don't need an acid reflux medicine, because i never have heartburn and my stomache has been fine....it feels more like those things are caused by that, like i said, when i had those attacks, i'd be 100% fine when they were over...but none of them were 1/50th as crazy as that :lol: it just shocks me how it can be started involving my throat, and i can have those out of breathe/tense/air pocket feelings when i swallow yet a barium swallow showed nothing...i would have thought there would be a narrowing or something

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