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Candidas Albicans

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Hi, I've been reading about Candidas Albicans lately. It sounds a LOT like me... I even think my red cheeks could be from it.

How do I test for this? I've read that you can do stool tests etc, and also a lot of people selling 3lac claim that you can do a spit test and take a simple questionnaire which is enough to self diagnose yourself. I pass the online questionnaires w/ flying colors etc and I haven't tried the spit test. It all sounds like a BS sales pitch to me.

Anyone know if this is legit? is 3lac legit? I can't get an unbiased opinion and apparently they're another pyramid company, which, from my opinion will make anything up to "scam" anyone. literally. I despise these kind of companies.

Would Candidas be obvious? I mean wouldn't I have to see some kind of fungus... mold stuff or anything anywhere? Would it be a good idea to try some probiotics, nystatin or w/e is used for candidas "just incase it makes me feel better"?

for those of you who don't know, I suffer from constipation. I am currently taking herbal fiber blend and colosan every morning and night, every other night it's colosan instead of fiber. even w/ this I only get bowel movements about every 3rd day still. I've gone 10+ days w/ out a bowel movement before... but now that I've been taking these supplements so religiously, after about 3 weeks even though I don't go often enough, they've been (sorry for the details) longer and thicker. which is weird, they've never been like that before. it's a good sign though. by far, my worst symptom, would have to be this horrible brain fog. Forgetfullness etc...

Any opinions or links or information you guys can give? could this be it for me?

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I think that out of all the topics I have seen on this board, this subject is the toughest. I feel that I have been suffering from this too. I have tried, threelac, oregano oil, cutting out the sugar, no fruits, no breads(they have yeast in it) and I am still miserable. I have tried the saliva test, and you are right, is it all just BS?? There definitely is NOT alot of information about candida, nor is there Drs willing to help you. I constantly have rashes on my arms, dizziness, my muscles are so sore, and it goes on and on. I am now going to try this Dr that was recommended by a friend of mine. He treats with probiotics. I will try him for a month, this will be an out of pocket expense. I think that once candida plants its roots....its like its cemented in your system. Its unbelieveable all the trouble that it causes. I will let you know how it turns out.

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There definitely is NOT alot of information about candida, nor is there Drs willing to help you.

There is actually more info on Candida than anything else I've ever researched. Theres a wealth of info on this fungus....its symptoms and its causes. A Google search can provide you with endless hours of reading...there are also several books in the bookstore or on the web.

Mainstream Dr.'s will not help you with candida...if you're lucky you can get a perscription for Nystatin...but not much else. However, there are plenty of very good Dr.'s who DO know all about candida and who ARE willing to help...you just have to go outside the mainstream to find them.

Candida is an opportunistic fungus...we all have some in small amounts....however, it does not cause harm unless its allowed to proliferate in the gut.

It *can* be impossible to get rid of if you do not understand why its there to begin with. Treatment for a candida overgrowth is a strict diet along with antifungal treatment...either rx or natural. Generally a healthy immune system can keep candida in check. Antibiotics along with other factors in the body can throw off the balance of good/bad flora in the gut...giving yeast an opportunity to grow..like weeds.

Its considered to be the #1 cause of leaky gut since it can and does cause damage to the intestinal lining.

It should not be difficult to treat candida IF candida is the *only* problem....but that is very seldom the case.

If a person has a chronic candida situation...one that is only managed with treatment and not cured....there is *always* an underlying cause.

Without identifying the underlying causes and addressing them the candida will not go away...it will persist until the underlying issues are dealt with.

Basically candida is a *symptom*. Its a symptom and a sign that things are not right in the body. Yes, the yeast can cause a whole lot of problems....BUT....it does not usually do so unless the conditions in the body are allowing for it to do so.

There are plenty of Dr.'s and ND's out there who will treat candida...but if they are not actively searching for the root cause and if they dont understand that there IS a root cause...you will likely go round and round with it. If there is no root cause the candida should be treated very quickly and without too much difficulty.

Look for the Dr.'s who recognize the candida overgrowth as a symptom and who know how to proceed as far as finding out *why* the problem is there to begin with.

I have several Dr.'s and they all see yeast as a symptom and not a root cause for illness...its only a small part of the bigger picture. If you treat the underlying causes along with the yeast...your body will then be able to deal with candida all on its own. It becomes less and less of a problem in a healthy body which is not providing the yeast the environment it can thrive in.

There are several things that can cause the body to remain toxic and which promote candida overgrowth. Mercury from amalgams are very strongly linked to candida overgrowth....most people with high levels of yeast also have high levels of mercury. They go hand-in-hand.

Parasites and other chronic infections will also keep the body under constant stress and allow the yeast infection to persist. If any of these conditions are present in the body and we then take antibiotics...it pretty much seals our fate as far as candida goes.

The antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in a body which is already struggling ....the yeast then has the opportunity to take over...with nothing there to stop it.

If mercury is the issue the only way to get rid of the yeast (so that it does not come back) is to get rid of the mercury. Yeast binds with mercury....so it does proliferate when metals are in the body...it absorbs the metals.

The spit test is not a valid method of testing in my opinion....I also dont think the stool test is a reliable method of diagnosing yeast overgrowth. There are blood tests (again, mainsteam Dr.'s dont do these tests) which can check antibody levels against candida and other species of yeast. My stool test results were wishy-washy...sometimes it was there...sometimes it wasnt. It was never showing the severity of the overgrowth. It was only through alternative testing and bloodwork that it was showing up very clearly as a significant problem. With normal results being around 0-2000....my antibodies were close to 9000.

I do not worry too much about the yeast...I keep to a restricted diet and I'm being treated for the underlying issues.

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Another factor in handling candida is keeping an alkaline system...acidosis makes it works. This means few or no grains -- let's just say LOTS of veggies (that aren't starchy), almonds are alkaline if you can tolerate them. If you look up acid/alkaline, you'll get some info. A lot of it contradicts itself - what is acid, what is alkaline.

anyway, good luck.

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Kareng, I am a bit concerned by your statement here.  I no longer have "out of control" DH, but smaller, more scattered, and more readily resolving (for the most part) flareups.  And it may be that I am just having what would be "normal" for a person in my situation, being 'only' 13 months into the gluten-free diet.  I will readily admit, and perhaps should stress, that the situation is very much better than it was before I went gluten-free, including the fact that my former GI symptoms have tot
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