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From their customer relations...

Thank you for contacting us. We always appreciate hearing from our customers and we are pleased to hear that you have taken an interest in our products. We have attached a list of our products that are gluten free. We hope this information helps you. Please contact us again if you have any further questions and we will help you in any way possible.

Vigo Rice and Soups

1294 8oz Black Beans & Rice

1321 8oz Mexican Rice

1298 8oz Santa Fe Rice

1310 8oz White & Wild

1301 5oz Yellow Rice

1372 8oz Yellow Rice

1302 10oz Yellow Rice

1375 16oz Yellow Rice

1293 8oz Jambalaya

3007 12oz Arborio Rice

3020 12oz Basmati Rice

1359 6.5oz Broccoli & Rice

1352 8oz Mexican Rice Upright

1358 8oz Primavera Rice Upright

1379 5lb White Rice (Long Grain Rice)

3021 2lb Basmati

3026 2lb Jasmine

4012 6oz Black Bean Soup

4016 6oz Collard Green Soup

4010 6oz Spanish Bean Soup

1402 Chicken Soup Base

Alessi Soups and Risottos

0312 8oz Funghi Risotto

0310 8oz Milanese Risotto

0314 8oz Pomodoro Risotto

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