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Hey y'all, sorry I haven't been around. Got crazy busy for the holidays, and as a result got a little lax on my gluten avoiding skills. I had a serious glutening that lead to an infection. My doctor put me on Erythromycin, and said that since I get a lot of the side effects from antibiotics, I could take probiotics if I want.

The problem is, I can't find any information on when to take them. Taking both together seems a bit counter-intuitive to me. Has anyone dealt with this before?


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At least two hours before or after the antibiotics.

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The bottle I have says "not to consume within 2 hours of taking antibiotics".


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Still eating gluten for now.

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At my Dr's visit 2 months ago he suggested I start taking Probotics as he said Celiac's have more bad bacteria than the "average" person...........so he told me to take Florastor twice a day once in the am and once in the pm. I then got sick and needed an antibotic and have never heard of a time period to take the probotic. I still take the probotic everyday and will continue to do so.


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