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Quick Cruise

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Thought I would post on my recent experience on my first gluten-free cruise! First, keep in mind that this was a short cruise, 4 days/3 nights. I think longer cruises might have better options for gluten-free. I am also not a great advocate for myself when eating out. I am very sensitive and avoid eating out at home. I was very nervous depending on others for my food safety. However, I think it is a great peak at RCCL's ability to provide gluten-free.

I had a wonderful time! They brought gluten-free bread each night. Not the best bread, but good, similar to corn bread. Plus I would smear enough butter on it that it tasted wonderful. There was always the option of chicken and salmon. Both I thought were very good. Neither was plain, each had a great blend of herbs and spices. Had a beef dish that was wonderful. I never had dessert. Not on purpose, it was never offered. The waiter would bring out a fruit plate while my dh dug into some sweet glutenous concoction. Sound bitter? Well, maybe just a little. I have heard that RCCL has a fourless chocolate cake on their longer cruises. I did not see it. I also did not ask.

I had breakfast in the dining room no problem. Lunch was a buffet. I would always find a manager and they would take me around to show the options. I was impressed by the knowledge that managers had of celiac. Wait staff was not great in the knowledge department. They understood no bread but management understood that gluten was more than bread. Mistakes were made. I ordered a cesar salad and had crumbs! I complained and a new salad was made. The service was wonderful. I felt like they truly tried to make safe meals. I was never made to feel as if I was putting them out.

Will I crusie again? As soon as I have enough money! I am comfortable enough to cruise with the RCCL line again.


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