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Gliadin Iga Test

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I had a rheumatology panel run to make sure I didnt have Lupus, etc. Been feeling stiff and sore, but with thyroid disease and a few other condtions it was just a precaution.

Somewhere in there there ended up being an IgA and IgG with the same numbers I had on my Celiac blood test. In exactly the same way, the IgA was elevated and the IgG was, if anything, low. All my Celiac tests showed this too.

My nutritionist wants me to go gluten-free right away. I'm having some eye lid swelling and he says it is the wheat. I am not totally convinced that I need to, because Dr. Fine and some Celiac authors reported back to me that it could be latent Celiac but could also be nothing, or not related, or a wheat allergy.

I suggested to the nutritionist that we run a wheat allergy test.

Does anyone have any clue if this is a good idea? Have any of you had an elevated IgA with nothing else? Again, my IgG, Ttg and Endomysial tests have been in the negative, so that is why they are calling it possible latent Celiac.

Could use some ideas on this. Thanks.

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Dear Tasha,

My only positive blood test was an elevated gliadin IGA. My biopsy

was negative, no damage to villi, and negative for Celiac gene.

After being on a gluten-free diet for a year my GI doc wants me to go

back on gluten.He doesn't think I have or ever will have Celiac


I was treated for environmental allergies for years (shots) and

had multiple skin tests done including a test for wheat which were

always negative. I always thought I had a problem with milk and

wheat. After a thyroidectomy my symptoms took a drastic turn

for the worse until in 2003 I became almost totally incapacitated

with GI bloating, constipation/diarrhea, pain in right side and

terrible itching and burning in my eyes.

To make a long story short I went to a gastroenterologist who at

first diagnosed me with IBS, put me on a small dose of

Amitryptiline, to increase my serotonin levels, did a celiac panel

after which I began a gluten-free/df diet. I have been on the diet for 13

months and now he wants me to go back on gluten. I have

made up my mind to stay gluten-free. I feel better, I'm losing weight, and

I never want to be that sick again.

I don't know what I have but, my body is sending me good signals

for the first time in a long time. My mother is still living at 94 but

her quality of life is not good. She suffers from Dementia and

Trigeminal Neuralgia (terrible pains in the face). I am convinced

that wheat must be a problem for her and if I am to live as long as her,

I want to be healthy. I hope this helps you and others who do not

have a specific Celiac disease. ;)

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Tasha, I too have tested positive for IgA only, yet have had a wheat allergy for over 25 years, confirmed in the past with a RAST test. I only had hives and esophageal spasms if I consumed wheat....

2 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS, and yes I do believe I have IBS. It came after a bout of antibiotics without added probiotics (dumb). I'm also hypothyroid (with the last year being terrible with subacute thyroiditis attacks) and had my gall bladder removed 10 years ago.

I basically have stayed on a wheat free diet for years, but not gluten-free diet. Talk about a shock when (thru my GI) I tested positive on the IgA test. I immediately went gluten-free. I DO believe I started out being just wheat allergic and somewhere graduated to gluten intolerant. I would recommend you stay on a gluten-free diet.....it may make you feel better over all, but it will take time. Eating wheat free was a piece of cake compared to eating gluten-free!!!

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