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I'm So Happy!

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Going out to eat is always a horror for us now! Our daughter isd oldenough to see and understand that we have different things from her. even ordering plain potatoes can be an issue if they lets say cook noodles in a big pot then just dump out the noodles and put the potatoes right in afterwards, saves time in scrubbing the pot. If they are busy all restaurants cut corners! Now, I'm readin my glutenfree for Dummies book and am now ion the Section where she talks about Restaurants, how to choose them, how to talk to staff and so on. Little did I know that there are Restaurants that actually offer a complete glutenfree Menue als an alternative. Outback Steakhouse is one of them and I'm so happy! I took a look at the Menue online for the glutenfree stuff and it's huge! They have pretty much anything you could want in glutenfree. Regualr dishes, Appetizers, Main Menues, deserts, evben gluten free Cocktails (though I'm not interested in those at all for my daughter lol) and regular drinks. Look, I'll give you the link to see the menue! WOW. I did not know that we have such a "glutenfree Goldmine" right in my tiny city! I'm so happy! We don't go out often but when we do, we will for sure go there and be happy that our daughter will be albe to eat what ever is on the menue with us! when you are at the restaurant, just ask them to see the gluten-free Menue!


Susi with Shayden and Brandy

Shayden, pos. with DQ 2, pos. for Glutensensitivity with Tissuetransglutaminase Stool TgA 45 Units

Brandy, pos. with DQ2 + DQ8, DX Celiac Nov.07, gluten-free since Nov. 1st 07, Tissuetransglutaminase Stool TgA 63 Units

Me: Gastroscopy negative f. Celiac, IBS, Oesophagitis, Hiatus-Hernia

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