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Also, How Long Before Constipation

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gets better? My 4yr old has battled with it her whole life. It seemed to have gotten better right after she went totally gluten-free/CF in Nov. But now she seems to be having issues with it again. Also very large/ toilet stopping ones. Blood when wiping, the works.

So does this mean she is being glutened(she was tonight but not most days that I am aware of)or can it go back and forth for awhile? I have done everything as far as food, kitchen utensils ect, dog food to iams, soaps, t.paste. The rest of the family still eats gluten but I am being so careful, I think :huh: She even eats in the highchair so it is her own space. What do you all think?


Mom of 3 HS'd kids

4yr old adoptive daughter, pos diet responce and DQ 2, gluten-free/CF since Nov 07

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