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Just wondering if anyone has any great gluten-free recipes.

Dinner or desert preferably.

I've gotten into baking and cooking a lot in the past gluten-free month.

Let me know!



symptoms-october 5th, 2007

negative endoscopy and colonoscopy-december 2007

positive bloodwork-january 2008

diagnosed celiac-january 8, 2008

"At the end of the day, the fact that we're still here is reason enough to celebrate."

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Here are 2 threads where I've posted some of our favorites. I bake A LOT!!


This one is TDF, I make it (in muffin cups) once a week for my DD


Try the french bread recipe that's been posted too, it's REALLY good:


Have fun! Let me know what you think!

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Daughter diagnosed 1/06 bloodwork and biopsy
-gluten-free since 1/06

Son tested negative-bloodwork (8/07), intestinal issues prompted biospy (3/08), results negative, but very positive dietary response, Dr. diagnosed Celiac disease (3/8)

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