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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


What Can I Eat If I Cut Out Gluten, Dairy And Casein?!?!?

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I have been gluten free for 8 months now after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

I have been on a gluten free diet but I haven't cut out Dairy or Casien. I cut back, but i didn't cut them out completely. I am still feeling sick and not back to my normal self yet. I want to cut out dairy and casien to try and see if it will make me feel better. BUT! what is left to eat if I cut out both of those things as well? It was hard enough for me to go Gluten Free. What is left to eat without Dairy and Casein?

So many of the foods I eat revolve around some little aspects of the two so I don't even know where to begin.

I know alot of people have cut out all three so does anyone have any advice on what foods I can stick to? I'm dying to feel healthy again I just wish I knew where to start and what I CAN still eat. It's hard to feel like I have anything of substance on my stomach by just eating fruits, vegetables and meat.....

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

Also! Is there any foods to eat that will limit the times I go to bathroom in a day or the urgency at which I have to go? I find I'm still going to the bathroom a number of times a day and when I have to go I HAVE to go. It is always urgent if I have to go.... Has anyone found anything that helps with this? any foods or medication? anything?

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Well, you already are aware about fruits, vegetables and meat. Those are fine when they are plain. It is the seasonings that can be a problem.

If you want bread and other baked stuff, these can be made without either gluten or casein. Casein is the protein in milk, so a casein-free diet and a dairy-free diet are pretty much the same thing. There are a number of products available which contain neither gluten nor casein, although you will have to look for them.

I don't know where you are, so I can't suggest specific products or stores.

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I want to cut out dairy and casien to try and see if it will make me feel better. BUT! what is left to eat if I cut out both of those things as well? It was hard enough for me to go Gluten Free. What is left to eat without Dairy and Casein?

There is plenty left!

First I would like you to clarify by what you mean by "dairy and casein". Are you removing more than just milk protein (casein) related products (milk, butter, cheese...)??

A couple days ago I made my kids EZ meatballs (just used spoons and scooped up meat and rolled them) then cooked them in a Gluten-free Casein-free pasta sauce then ate with rice noodles.

Pork chops, mashed potatoes (used homemade Gluten-free Casein-free gravy on top instead of milk/butter...) green beans

My guys love roast beef with potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts. L/O can be eaten in a corn tortilla, on top of rice or rice noodles

Last night my DH forgot to stop at the store for me so I grabbed some ground meat, plain black beans, onions and cooked those added a touch of mayo and tossed it in a taco shell. I added the mayo to give it the "cheese" taste but in reality just a little oil and extra salt and the taste buds can be fooled.

Right now I am trying meats I have never cooked before. I had never cooked a pork chop until the other day!! The guys are laughing at me but not complaining.

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I have been gluten-free/cf for almost 2 years now. I cannot tolerate any dairy at all. I know within an hour or two if I have had anything with dairy in it. Typical day of food for me is.


Hot cereal with soy or rice milk, toast, nut butter and jelly


Dinner left overs

"sandwich" from corn tortilla with either turkey or home made chicken salad, corn chips, soy yogurt and applesauce.


Meat, vegetable, starch.

My snack is dried fruit. Pineapple is my favorite.

There are so many natural foods to choose from so you have a variety. Stay away from the processed foods that have the added items you don't want to eat.

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I actually quit gluten and dairy at the same time and it actually didnt bother me that much. Well, the first thing I had to do was go buy some Tings, which are cheese-free cheese curls made from corn. Recently I also went off of rice and onions and hot pepper and ham so its gotten even tougher.

But several of my existing family favorite meals were very easy to convert. Last night I did a meal i'd found in a magazine and the only thing I had to change was to use my earth balance natuarl instead of butter - it was lemon-garlic-mustard marinated chicken (homemade marinade), plus a lemon sauce over boiled potatoes and sugar snaps. I added some cauliflower too, because I find i'm wanting even more veggies since i did this.

Plain roasted chicken with mashed potatoes - well, i did use rice milk in the potatoes. I did it w broth last time, but didnt like it. I need to go find some potato milk. (i'm holding my breath until the whole foods opens in my town some time soon)

I also still do taco night. I've finally started using soy sour cream, which i really like. I do a very tiny bit of soy cheese in the tacos, because the dairy free cheeses are somewhat nasty and, IMO, only to be used in small quanitities. I use a better salsa for flavor and make a lot of guacamole, as a treat to replace the treat of the cheese.

I also had been making an easy jambalaya recipe from allrecipes, which is a one-dish meal of onions, peppers, sausage (buy a brand that says gluten free) and shrimp and spices. Well, I have to quit that one now cuz of the onions and stuff.

I admit i did eat my burger bunless the other day, but there are plenty of rice breads you can buy and even better if you make them (wiht practice) - and i made up for it by eating both french fries AND potato chips

for breakfast, I always had grits, and instead of cheese, I started cooking my grits with gluten-free sausage or ham in them, and adding a well-seasoned scrambled egg on top - yum! Well, except I'm off eggs now too lol

I didnt like soy milk, but I did like rice milk (and found a cheap, good brand in 360) and vanilla almond milk in tea and coffee.

I guess the real question is - where are you having a hard time giving up dairy? Let us make suggestions for the places you are stuck.

And trust me, i was vegetarian for years and said I couldnt go vegan because i love cheese so much . ..and i barely miss it any more. Except for those boxes of cheese crackers I bought for the kids which are sitting open in the pantry tempting me lol

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This is a case of retraining your brain. You have to try and focus on what you CAN eat, not what you CAN'T.

I have dropped gluten, dairy, and severely limited carbs and sugar. Unfortunately many of those who have to avoid gluten, because they feel so 'deprived' and have a need for compensatory 'treats', end up consuming a lot more sugar, and it is equally as bad as gluten if not worse. It is evil stuff and all the more so because it tastes so good! If you have dropped gluten and even dairy and are still not feeling well, check your sugar intake. Too much sugar throws the whole body out of balance and encourages bacterial overgrowth and parasites, even cancer!

It is not a case of ONLY meat, veg and fruit. There is such a huge variety to choose from and so many ways we can combine it and create with it. For starches, for those who can tolerate them, there is rice, rice pasta, rice cakes, corn, corn cakes, corn bread, buckwheat, buckwheat pancakes, potato, potato chips, french fries, millet and quinoa and flours from some that can be used in baking. Many are able to tolerate oats which are very versatile, supplying porridge, flapjacks, oat cakes and crackers, oat flour for use in baking.

There are so many meats, fish and poultry to choose from that we could have a different meal every day for a month and not eat the same thing twice!

The list of fruits and vegetables is absolutely endless. If we have a problem with Candida then it is wise to restrict the amount of sugar, including fruit, we eat, but if not, there is so much variety. I have just bought a book called The Sensitive Gourmet and there are so many mouth-watering recipes in it, both gluten and dairy-free. If you look at the recipe section on this forum you will undoubtedly pick up some nice recipes if you are desperate for sweet or carb stuff. As I mentioned, I am severely restricting sugar, but I did cook some coconut macaroons, using coconut, egg-whites, oats and a little sugar and they are lovely. I also made an almond cake using ground almonds, eggs and a little sugar and that is very good too.

It takes a little imagination, but there is loads of help out there and loads of ideas.

If it makes us well, we are not deprived, we are liberated!

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Thanks AliB. I too am restriciting sugar along with my intorances to wheat, oats, dairy, corn, and honey.

I will check out that book, "The Sensitive Gourmet". I was pouting last night over what I couldn't eat....there are still plenty of things I can!! Thanks for the info!!! This is all new to me--all the help I get from this forum is so appreciated.

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Here is a list of foods you can eat. Of course, there are many more, but this is a start:





Bell peppers


Brussels sprouts





Collard greens





Green beans

Green peas



Mushrooms, crimini

Mushrooms, shiitake

Mustard greens





Romaine lettuce

Sea vegetables


Squash, summer

Squash, winter

Sweet potatoes

Swiss chard


Turnip greens


Fish & Seafood






























Beans & Legumes

Black beans

Dried peas

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)

Kidney beans


Lima beans


Navy beans

Pinto beans




Poultry & Lean Meats

Beef, lean organic

Calf's liver





Nuts & Seeds




Olive oil, extra virgin


Pumpkin seeds

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds



Brown rice





Spices & Herbs


Black pepper

Cayenne pepper

Chili pepper, dried

Cilantro/Coriander seeds

Cinnamon, ground


Cumin seeds



Mustard seeds







Natural Sweeteners

Blackstrap molasses

Cane juice


Maple syrup


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We are gluten/casein free.....four kids and all, and you really do get used to it after a while. One thing I have found, is that since we can't do dairy products for snacks anymore, we eat a much more varied and fruit/veggie filled diet. Dairy (cheese and yogurt) was always the fall back snack for me and the kids, and I look back now and think it is really an addictive food. It's much like gluten in that way. Once you get used to not eating it anymore, your body adjusts and you realize that you can live without cheese, lol.

We eat alot of fresh fruit and veggies, and nuts. I also buy alot of different salad dressings, or make fresh dips to go with veggies. I have found that I've had to get more creative, but just like going gluten free, it's been a real blessing. I remember thinking last year that I could NEVER go casein free, and definately could not make the kids do it....but here we are, casein free for 9 months and doing just fine! Good luck.

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I am sorry you are frustrated.

I actually prefer to eat food without cheese I wasn't bummed at all. I only miss cheese on pizza~ ;):lol:

I am soy free too and I do miss soy very badly. Will try again in a few weeks to see if I can tolerate it!

Can't wait!

I snack on a lot of hummus veggies fruits and almonds I love apples with peanut butter smeared on :)

Good Luck!


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