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Sami's Bakery Products

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My husb has been eating Sami's Bakery poducts and really enjoys them. For the 1st time since going gluten-free, he enjoys a sandwich again. He eats the Millet & Flax bread, wraps, Hamburger and Hot dog rolls and he really loves the Pizza crust. The store cant keep these products in stock, as soon as they are delivered, the shelves are empty!

Our problem is that we recd an email last week from the CELIAC@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG stating that these products were not gluten-free. The email was old, Feb 2007, so I dont know why it resurfased, but we are now confused. has any testing been done since 2-07 on these products?

The product labels do not state that the products are gluten-free, but all of the ingredients listed are gluten-free. So even without a gluten-free label- the ingredients indicate it to be a gluten-free product.

The listed ingredients for the Millet and Flax bread are:

Organic Millet Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Water, Aluminum Free Baking Powder, Sea Salt, Organic Grounded Flax Seed .

If you saw this, would you buy it thnking it to be a safe gluten-free product?

I need to know if anyone on the board has any information on Sami's Bakery products? My husband feels fine eating them. We would hate to give up using a product that we enjoy if it's not necessary to do so.

Plus, the cost for these products are much more reasonable, 3.99 a loaf of bread instead of $7 or $8.

I'd appreciate any guidance you can offer.

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There was a long link i tried to find on here as this has been discussed alot but couldn't get a good link to the old thread.

i personally tired 5 slices once.................... :ph34r: I got so sick..........it's not a product i will use again. sure the ingred look ok but it's the cc that has been discussed and found to be a serious problem

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Can anyone find the link of previous discussions on Sami's? I would love to read everything yu have on it.


here is one......i just wrote it in the search here and got so many you can do that read them all

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Guest digmom1014

I haven't had a reaction to it-in the 1 month I've been gluten-free. I am disappointed that it has been deceptively promoted as gluten-free. There should be regulated guidelines where health issues are concerned.


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