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Enterolab Questions

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I am a diagnosed celiac. My almost 3 y/o son is a big question mark. His blood panel was negative at 2.5 years- but I have learned online that this is almost to be expected. His symptoms are multiple food allergies, 5% for weight, and eczema. I have made him gluten free with me but I really want to figure out if this is warranted.

Should I try enterolab and see if he tests positive for gluten sensitivity? Do I do the gene test too?

I have heard people say that some doctors think the test is bunk- why? What is so controversial about it? I understand that it cannot diagnose celiac but it can point me toward if he is gluten sensitive which could or could not be celiac. Is this true?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



****Oh- and is this the test I would order for him?:

Gluten Sensitivity Stool and Gene Panel Complete ($369)

Gluten sensitivity stool test, tissue transglutaminase stool test (test for the autoimmune reaction caused by gluten sensitivity), intestinal malabsorption test, gluten sensitivity gene test, and for a limited time, free milk sensitivity stool test (Best Test Panel for Gluten Sensitivity). The combination of tests when ordered in this panel saves you greatly over ordering the tests individually.

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After getting our tests back, we think we are going to have all 3 of ours tested (4,6,8). I KNOW we will at least do the basic tests. We are still discussing the full test but think we probably will do it.

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Dr. Fine hasn't published his results in a peer reviewed format so that's why few accept his tests. I've heard him say for a couple of years in a row that he's going to publish. So I think I've pretty much given up on that happening now. He's got a very impressive CV and certainly has helped a lot of people. Sometimes you gotta just evaluate the information yourself and decide. I sure think it helped me figure things out.

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