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I am a 46 year old woman who has scoliosis (not too bad - 40 degreee top/36 degree bottom). About a year ago my spine doctor told me to go get a bone density test done because they've found that people w/ scoliosis have a higher prevalence of osteoporosis. So I did. My gynocologist told me I had the worst levels he's seen in someone my age. I have severe osteoporosis in my hips (-3.1) and osteopenia in my spine. I have NOT GONE through MENOPAUSE yet... Anyway, I was told to go to an endocrinologist because the osteo was so extreme. She ran a battery of tests and was baffled because she suspected Celiac or a problem w/ my parathyroid but her tests, other than a weak positive for the IGG came back negative. She told me to go to see another endocrinologist in NYC at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. I had more tests done for this new endo. & just went this past Tuesday. Although I didn't test positive for the basic IGG & IGA tests, my vitamin D (hydroxy test) was very high and my parathyroid level high too... making her suspect Celiac. She then had more blood taken for the Prometheus Celiac Serology.

Other than osteoporosis, I don't have concrete stomach issues... I'd often been constipated... but I thought that was due to my diet (too much cheese here and there, not enough roughage, etc.). I have often gotten bloated... but thought that was not too unusual.

Anyway, anyone else out there have osteoporosis for not the "typical reason" such as menopause, being anorexic, taking certain drugs, not having normal periods, etc? ANYONE HAVE OSTEOPOROSIS DUE TO celiac disease?

I actually hope I have Celiac... then I will know WHY I have osteoporosis so bad at only 46!


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Low bone density prior to menopause can certainly happen and could certainly be related to celiac disease.

I discovered I have celiac disease about 9 months ago. I am now 28. At the age of 22, a dexa scan demonstrated osteopenia in my lower spine. I was told that I was 1/2 a standard deviation away from osteoporosis at 22. I suspect that my low bone density is related to undiagnosed celiac disease. This is quite a scary problem, as celiac disease was not determined for an additional 6 years. Who knows how much further my bones have deteriorated b/c I was not able to absorb nutrients properly. I am currently checking out the status of my bone density.

I've been taking a fabulous Calcium supplement - Calcium Apatite. It is expensive, but it is one the best out there. Certainly, there are prescription medications that you can take, such as fosomax. Good luck and take care.

Sara Gardiner


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Hi Sara... yes I too am taking a great calcium supplement - but as for Fosomax, it is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED for premenopausal women! My new endocrinologist (a metobolic bone disease specialist at Columbian University Med Ctr in NYC) expressed her anger and frustration of doctors prescribing Fosomax to women not yet in menopause.



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Hi there. My mother is also Celiac and she has the worst case of Osteoporosis her Doctor said he has ever seen. She has fractured her back on two occasions just from odd movements and in one case sneezing too hard. She is still able to walk, but she is currently on Morphine for pain. Take your Calcium folks!!!

Antibody positive, diagnosed October 2004.

Mother and two sisters with Celiacs also

Edmond, Oklahoma

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It is my understanding that osteoporosis is common in celiacs, due to the malnutrition that is characteristiic of the disease. I have been diagnosed as having osteoporosis, although my bone mineral density is improving with calcium supplements, vitamin supplements and Fosamax. I am a male, age 50, who was diagnosed as celiac four and one-half years ago, after many years of incorrect diagnoses. The clue to osteoporosis was a triple compression fracture of the lower back. My doctor said that should happen to a man my age :o


Diagnosis by biopsy of practically non-existent villi; gluten-free since July 2000. I was retested five years later and the biopsy was normal. You can beat this disease!

Type 1 (autoimmune) diabetes diagnosed in March 1986

Markham, Ontario (borders on Toronto)

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator since 2007

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