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Safe Cosmetics Webiste - Check Out Your Products!

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A great website is out there:


It's a place where you can check your personal care products for toxic chemicals and the like. A note: they don't seem to mark aluminum as toxic - and I'm pretty sure there are at least some studies linking aluminum with alzheimers.

Other than that, it's very interesting! Like I said in the tag, it has nothing to do with gluten -- that is a whole other focus that is important to us, obviously. This is more endocrine disrupters, cancer causing agents, illegal agents, ect.

You can look up ingredients, specifically, and see what's what about them, which is really handy since we can't possibly know what some of these things are.

I'm going upstairs to throw away my Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious shampoo (trial size anyway) because it scored VERY poorly.

Anyway, enjoy!

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This is a really good site. The first time I visited it I was disappointed that when the products came up they did not identify for example what the tocepheral (sp) was derived from. A big concern for me since I am allergic to soy as well as gluten intolernant. I discovered that if I put just the word soy or the word wheat into the search that the results showed all the 'chemist' names for hidden wheat or soy derived tocepheral as well as the products that contained them. I am definately going to explore this site more fully. Thanks for the link.

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