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Dairy? Casein? Whey? Lactose?!


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I'd pretty much realized I was lactose intolerant and have been popping the lactaid whenever I remember. But, here's something I noticed yesterday and confirmed today. Butter and heavy cream do not cause symptoms in me! :blink: Am I not lactose intolerant but some other kind of dairy intolerant? I'm totally confused by this. Or, do butter and heavy cream not contain lactose? :huh: The only other dairy I've been able to eat without any symptoms is yogurt. Oh, now that I think of it, I had a little Babybel cheese wheel today and didn't react either.

I'd say it's all in my head but the fact is, my head doesn't care. :lol:

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Frey, I understand that I irritated you before, and for that I deeply apologize. I see that you were having a rough day today, so I thought I would share these two links.


This first one covers the core fundamentals of amino metabolism, revealing the pathways behind everything from ketoacidosis on down to PKU. This, by itself, reveals the foundation behind diabetes and celiac disease, in my opinion.

I would ask you to scan down to Histadine, and note that is says when bacteria is present in the intestinal track, this will give rise to the creation of excess Histamine within the GI tract. I am not "Bending" or molding this statement to "Fit my theory," this is simply fact. Promise.

Now, if you have Histamine present within the GI tract, you will have ulcers/lesions/villi damage. Again, that is FACT. It's about time we all do a little more research on the condition known as Mastocytosis/Myasthis Gravis.

But here's one more-


Please make note of the ingrediants contained in this anti fungus formula. There are three different references correlating to "Lactic Acid" in this company's formula.

These two links single handedly support the theory I have been working on. I would even take it one step further-I believe they single handedly disprove the validity behind the claim there is such thing as Celiac Sprue, as we know it. You have to stay away from gluten in all forms, obviously, but you see what I'm getting at, hopefully. After 50 years, we are only beginning to see this nation's experts dive into the possibility that bacterial overgrowth is present among Celiacs.

But what if we really did the math on this one, and for one moment considered the possibility that the fungus may CAUSE the damage? I referred to one specific fungus in my first post on that other thread. Let me tell you all right now-it's high time you become very familiar with that one. Just my opinion, of course.

In addition to these efforts, my family has employed two students from a local university that will take the ELISA test that has been completed by my family member that has this disease. We chose college students, for obvious reasons. By mid February, they will report back to us summarizing any and all ingrediants that show up in the 7 or 8 foods that came back positive on that test. From Ammonia, to MSG, on down to any number of the hundreds of different pesticides/fungicides. Whatever variables that are found among all of those foods/ingrediants, by February we will know what is in all that have shown up positive. That's when the party will truly begin. In the meantime, just don't get too frustrated, Frey. We're gonna get you people better one way or the other.

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Red, thank you for your post and your apology is gladly accepted. :) Now... :blink: who'd have thought that chronic stomach problems would lead me to studying my least favorite subject to the point I actually can understand some of that first link? :lol: I'll look into this further though my interest (study) angle on gluten and celiac disease is more concerned with the neurological damage caused by gluten that apparantly killed my father two years ago than the GI problems (though I suffer from them also, the brain damage and pain my father went through truly terrifies me.)

As far as lactose vs the others, I did find that people who are only mildly lactose intolerant will often tolerate butter and other of the richer dairy products (like heavy cream.) Go figure. Also, that cooking lactose changes it while cooking casein does not, which is one way to determine if you've problems with lactose or casein. Now, having problems with whey is less discussed except to lump it with lactose or casein problems, so... <_<

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"As far as lactose vs the others, I did find that people who are only mildly lactose intolerant will often tolerate butter and other of the richer dairy products (like heavy cream.)"

And that all makes a great deal of sense in the world of Mycology, Frey. On a different note, I believe that also shows us a key to the puzzle-The whole fat dairy foods, generally speaking, are what they are. The "Skim" versions, or the "Reduced fat" versions are not natural, however. Obviously, "Something" is done to reduce the fat content of such products, and that's an extremely valuable clue to this, believe it or not.

I need a few more weeks for the new endoscopy and GAB test, in addition to the report that will be done on the ELISA findings. Once all of that is complete, and things go as I suspect, I will be prepared to offer up what I hope will be a very worthy explanation for all of this. There really isn't anything more I can do at this point, not until I get those findings.

For one's urea cycle to read normal in the presence of an ammonia toxicity, that should be a pretty big clue to this. A very big one, in fact.

We've all heard of the Atkin's Diet. We know of it's benefits, and risks. Personally, I have seen some thrive on the diet, and others fail, and suffer some health complications as a result (Lipids). But I have always believed that he was onto something. But it just wasn't enough, and made a few too many assumptions. That's my personal opinion.

If I had any advise to offer you right now, Frey, from a person that is not a doctor, nurse, or dietician whatsoever (You have to remember that), I would begin taking a Beta Glucan 1,3, and 6 supplement for two weeks, so long as you are not on a beta blocker.

I would than cut out ALL GRAINS, regardless of source-corn, rice, wheat, amaranth, quinoa, pasta, buckwheat, oats, and barley-all of them, for two weeks. I would avoid all sugars, all dairy substitutes and low fat versions, fruit juice, ALL dressings and sauces (Even gluten free versions), peanuts, and yes, even coffee, eggs, and booze. And most certainly, all sugar substitutes. Even soy. Certainly gluten.

I would find any number of the hundreds of private farmers/companies that supply organic meat. If cost is of concern for some, just go with hamburger meat. I would do the same with dairy-odds are the same supplier of meat provides dairy. Because of the few things that would be allowed to eat, you'd be able to afford the organic meats/dairy, I'm pretty sure of that.

Each year, when any given crop is deemed to be "Unsafe" for humans via the FDA because of mytoxin (Fungus) contamination, guess where that goes? It is fed to cattle, chickens/etc. No barriers on what cattle can or cannot eat, afterall, and that's where these type of concerns enter in. The only way to avoid it is to go with one of the true organic meat companies, one that's actually proud of what they do, etc, and is not just one hiding behind the implied federal labeling rules of "Organic farming."

Beyond that, I would live on my vitamins, preferably those that are gelatin free (And definitely gluten-free), yogurt, 10 fruits and veges per day, tofu, organic butter, olive and flax oils, fresh nuts, water, tea, and potatoes-all forms ok, other than grits/fried potatoes/french fries/hashbrowns, etc.

That's it, and it would suck, absolutely suck. 2-3 weeks would be needed, and they would be pure hell. Unfortunately, this is the only way anyone here can outrule the possibility that Celiac is something far different. Only than would you know. If I was in the position of a few of the people here, I myself would take that risk. Two weeks of hell becomes Heaven if a miracle takes place, afterall.

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Not all dairy products contain the same amount of lactose. Look at the sugar content of the item you're having - if it's low, it means it doesn't have a lot of lactose. Cream, butter, and cheese are all higher in fat and protein, leaving less lactose in them. Many people are not _fully_ lactose intolerant - they can produce SOME lactase, but not enough to break down significant quantities of lactose. They may still be able to have dairy products, however, that have minimal lactose. It's really that simple.

Tiffany aka "Have I Mentioned Chocolate Lately?"

Inconclusive Blood Tests, Positive Dietary Results, No Endoscopy

G.F. - September 2003; C.F. - July 2004

Hiker, Yoga Teacher, Engineer, Painter, Be-er of Me

Bellevue, WA

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I have to agree with Tiffany on this. I've been looking up the lactose contents of different dairy products and it seems I only have problems with ones that are in the higher content category. I've been feeling fine since I realized this and made adjustments! Also, because lactose changes when heated, now I know why sometimes certain cheeses will bother me and sometimes not...because they've been heated! Very simple. Thank you, Red, for your insights, though! I really believe I'm just recovering my villi and having certain sensitivities in the meantime.

Red, I heard you mention lowering someone's cholesterol. My friend is following the South Beach Diet and has lowered his cholesterol 110 pts as well as taking him from being diagnosed "pre-diabetic" to normal! It might be worth it for whoever you know with this problem to try it. (Lipitor brought his cholesterol from 345 to 225, then he started SBD and it's now down to 115. I'm so proud of him!)

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