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Skinny Yellow Stool, Gas, And Lots Of Mucus

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I was diagnosed with celiac within the last year and I have tried to go completely gluten free. I was wondering if others with celiac have had issues with serious gas and mucus? I also get skinny yellow stool and feel constipated.

I have had a colonoscopy that shows everything is normal other the tests coming back that I had celiac.

I was wondering if Dairy in general (Sheep, Goat, included) might do this.

I will have days like once every few weeks where I just have crazy gas, mucus, and yellow stool. Like continuously passing it every minute and I will try to go to the bathroom and only mucus comes out. I have talked to my GI and he just tells me to take Gas X or something like that. I know that this doesn't fix my issue. This will usually pass after a day of hell and then the next day the stool will be closer to normal.

Any suggestions? Ideas?

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Sounds like you are ingesting something your gut is rebelling against. You said you have tried to go gluten free. You need to go strictly gluten free, if you haven't already-----and if this doesn't fix your symptoms, start looking at other things you are eating on regular basis---- ( soy, dairy, ). And remove them from your diet to see if these symptoms resolve. :)

It takes awhile to fine tune your eating habits---- Allergy testing may be helpful.


Allergic to: wheat, peanuts and Penicillin

1995 severe anaphylactic reaction to Wheat

Gluten free since Sept. 2006

"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently"--- Henry Ford

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