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Gluten Ingredients In Baby/toddler Products

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I've seen a lot of posts about gluten being in children's products like toothpaste, shampoos, bubble bath, lotions, medicines, etc. But, what are the actual names of the ingredients to look for that have gluten in them?

Son- 1 y.o. - Active gluten sensitivity (enterolab results 12/07) and two celiac genes found.

Gluten-free/Casein free since 11/07- Positive Results

Negative bloodwork on Celiac panel

Dtr- 3 y.o. IGg blood-test pending for 150 different food sensitivities

Spouse- Active gluten sensitivity and Active Casein sensitivity(enterolab results 1/08)

gluten-free/CF since 1/08- Positive results

Negative bloodwork on Celiac panel

Me- Just crazy and playing detective everyday

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