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Trader Joe's Southern gluten-free Grits

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The other day I went to Trader Joe's to buy some products as I normally don't shop there. I felt like taking a hike so I ventured off to see what I could find and did acquire some good stuff. One product I obtained was their organic gluten free grits and since I was dying for grits (since I went gluten-free I haven't had any)!

Well I ate some yesterday morning and after breakfast, I was suffering from all my gluten contamination symptoms: cramping, bloating, pains, etc. I looked at the ingredients but nothing caught my attention. It simply stated: grits, water, and I THINK it said sodium hydroxide aka lye. It's been a while since I last saw the package.

I don't know how this could have occurred unless Trader Joe's is hiding something or I had a reaction to the lye. That's the only thing I can think of. Has this happened to anyone else? I know I don't have a corn allergy because I eat a lot of other foods that include corn, i.e. cornmeal, and don't suffer at all!

While I'm at it, can anyone suggest a safer brand of grits? I really miss them and sometimes cornmeal just doesn't cut it.

Thank you!

Gluten Free since 01/28/08

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the pre-made, heat and eat Organic southern style grits (which did not impress this southern girl) have water, organic white corn meal, salt, and tartaric acid. They are specifically labeled gluten free. And there is not a facilities or equipment warning which TJ's usually does if appropriate.

I did not react to them, I just didn't think they had much taste.

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