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Pediatric Gi In Oklahoma City?


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  • 3 weeks later...


My 12-year old daughter tested positive by blood for celiac disease last week. We live in Tulsa and were referred to Drs. Hallabee, DeShawn and Donnovan at 838-4823. This pediatric gastro practice treats all of the celiacs from our pediatrician's office. Unfortuately we haven't been in to see these doctors yet so I can't tell you anything about them.

If you can't find a ped. gatro. in OKC, it maybe worthwhile for you to come to Tulsa. Another benefit for you in coming to Tulsa would be to shop at our Wild Oats store. If you haven't been before, they have a huge selection of gluten-free products. We were shocked today when we first shopped for gluten-free food. They have gluten-free cookie, pizza and bread dough mixes, different types of gluten-free flours and many of their regular items like salsas and sauces marked as gluten-free. We still read all of the labels to be certain but it did make shopping so much easier.

I have always been a health food nut so cooking for a celiac will be a few refinements for us. The hard part is eating out! I was pleasantly surprised today when I asked a waiter in a small restaurant it they allowed substitutions -- MAJOR ones. :) He did so, very kindly.


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Hi all, anyone know of a good Pediatric GI in Oklahoma City? I would like to have both my girls tested by a Pediatric GI knowledgeable in Celiacs.


Did you ever find a Ped GI in OKC?

I am a bit biased, but would highly recommend my mom - Dr. Marilyn G. Porter (www.pediatric-gi.com) as an excellent Ped GI in OKC. You could also consider the Ped GIs at Children's Hospital.

Good luck in your quest.

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