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I Need Advice, Please!

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Hi Everybody!! :D

Okay, so I have been lurking on this forum for awhile. First, let me say that it has been nice knowing that I am not the only person whose body is REALLY weird!! With that said I am so very sorry that all of you, like me, have REALLY weird bodies.

So here is my history. I have been sick for about two years, whoa time flies!! So March of 06 I went on a diet. After my diet ended, I stopped- well, let's say I couldn't use the PMSing excuse for my mood swings ;). Then, five months later I went on a trip to England- each day we were eating cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pasta or something like that for dinner--LOTS of gluten. That's when I started noticing digestive problems. I gained twenty pounds in two weeks, was exhausted, and struggling with depression. When I got home I knew something was wrong. That's when I went to my doc. She testing me for everything but celiac at first. Then, my mom read an article about gluten intolerance so I decided to try cutting it out and ask for the test from my doc--first mistake, I know. Okay so then came the fun time of everyone, including my family, thinking I was crazy and it was all it my head. I was never diagnosed with anything so for the last two years I have been gluten lite.

Sorry, I know that's kind of lengthy. Anyways I know I need to and have decided to take the plunge into being 100% gluten free. Well, here is my question- I have been noticing what seems to be other food intolerances. I have also not been able to lose weight and I have still been tired and had digestive problems, do you think this is most likely an issue since I haven't been 100% gluten free? I took a yeast test- the spit one- and it was "positive" so should I try to cut out everything--like an elimination diet?? I really don't want to go to a doctor- I asked her about yeast infections and she said she didn't believe in them! I am pretty sure she actually thinks I am insane. I just don't know what to do any more and I just want to be better!!! I'm in college and I have trouble just getting through a day of school. I really want to be able to enjoy school and maybe even have some fun-- I usually just come home, do hw, and then fall asleep!! lol sorry I shouldn't complain I know a lot of you have it worse than me and for that I am very sorry!!

Anyway, if any of you have some advice or encouragement as to what I should do next I would greatly, greatly appreciate it! :}



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Welcome to the Forum!!!

You definitely are among friends here! My first and foremost suggestion is: GO gluten-free!!!! Even small amts will do damage to you and make you feel awful. It's a plunge, but take it. It'll be worth it.

The next thing: Do a proper elimination diet for a week, two weeks... and when you start reintroducing foods, keep a journal. That way, if you don't have an immediate reaction, you can still figure out what is causing a reaction. Sometimes, they are delayed. Stay away from what causes a reaction, and possibly in a few months, try to reintroduce it. Could be that you are just trying to heal right now, and your intolerances may go away.

And last: Invest in a good sublingual B12 supplement. I took a regular B complex, and it doesn't work if you are deficient because of malabsorption. I was exhausted, too. The B12 has been WONDERFUL!!! Because it dissolves, it goes immediately into your bloodstream without having to be digested. That way your body can actually make use of it.

Hope that helps to at least get you started. I hope you start feeling better soon!!

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I too have developed intolerances to a lot of different foods, gluten and dairy just 2 of them, and have done a lot of research into what is happening to my body.

Your problem, like mine, is probably not just gluten but an intolerance to carbohydrates per se. Because of over-consumption of carbs our gut has become so damaged that it cannot cope with the overwhelming array of carbs that have become all-day, every-day staples in our diets, regardless of the fact that they are bad for us!

Please check out the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) on the Internet (Google "Breaking the Vicious Cycle) - I have just started it and it is making not only a lot of sense, but a lot of difference.

I have put a brief explanation of why the diet works on another thread on this section "Casein Intolerance - son getting sicker" and have also started a new thread on the SCD which is further down the list.

I really feel that this diet is something that should be taken very, very seriously by anyone with health issues, whatever they might be. Stomach and bowel disorders are just the tip of the iceberg. Again, like you, I need to lose weight and it is starting to shift, but this diet can equally help those who need to gain weight. Basically it helps the body heal and rebalance itself.

You have to be very disciplined with it though, or it won't work!

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