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Celiac Or Barley Allergy?

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Hi All,

I have a 7 month old son. Very healthy, weighing in at 21lbs!

2 months ago, we introduced Heinz cereals (Barley, Wheat, Rice, etc). Within 3 hours, he started violently vomiting. We stopped giving him cereals after the 2nd day.

Yesterday, we tried the safer bet: we introduced rice cereal as we figured there is no gluten in rice. However, within 4 hours the vomiting started again. Checking the ingredients on the box, I noticed "malt extract".

Are there symptoms out there that look a lot like celiac or is this, in your opinion, celiac?

We're going in for a doctor visit in a week.

A dietician has suggested maybe a Barley allergy. She doesn't feel that violent vomiting is symptomatic of Celiac.

And I don't want my son to go through anymore of my adhoc tests!!

Very confused.

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