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Beef Soup Base

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I was just wondering if there is brand that has gluten free beef soup base. Really I need to make a beef dip for prime rib, and I was wondering a brand that didn't use maltodextrose.

Oh, this brings me to another question...maltedextrose and maltodextrose...is there any difference? And are they gluten free. I was told once that maltedextrose was, but I am not sure. Is it not from wheat?



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;) i posted this in another post, but here goes---i found a soup base made by Superior Touch foods---it's called, "BETTER THAN BOUILLON", and it's very good--i have the chicken base, i dont like beef so i didnt check it out--my sister found this in michigan at horrbucks and i found it here on long island at king kullen's and at pathmark--so it must be out there--she did say there are lots of bases that are ok, you just need to call the company and confirm it--deb


Long Island, NY

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Herb-ox boullion is gluten free, even states it on the label. It is made by Hormel. That is what I use. It can be found in the regular grocery store.

-Jessica :rolleyes:


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