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Weight Gain A Symptom?

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Hi all.

I was tested for celiac last week, still waiting for my results.

One thing I have experienced in the last year or so, is unexplained

weight gain. This disease and its process seems to better explain

weight loss, though weight gain is occasionally listed as a symptom.

Anybody have an explanation for the mechanism?

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Hi flygirl2003,

In my case I was always hungry and would get hypoglycemic issues if I did not eat every 2-3 hours. I never felt satisfied long after a meal and I would gain weight. Even though I exercised regularly, I had a very hard time losing lbs. Now I don't get hypo symptoms and can last much longer before I need something to eat. This is improving all the time, but if I get glutened I do gain weight right away. I believe it's from the bloating that I get.


Dx'd with Celiac Disease 8/01/07

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Definitely unexplained weight gain is a symptom!!! As I understand it, when you're not absorbing much, your body hangs on to everything that it does get because it's in starvation mode. Once you go gluten-free and start to get your body back in order, your enxplained weight gain may just start to disappear. :D

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

Gluten free November 2007

IgA Deficient, Neg Bloodwork, Double DQ2 Positive

Dietary and Genetic Diagnosis June 2, 2008

Soy free Jan 09

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