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Gluten Free Survial Kits

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I spent the night with no power last night.We are in the middle of a large ice storm. My back yard is FULL of tree limbs and wires (one of which i know is my cable tv). I have a HUGE limb hanging from my power wire, so I have power until that falls through! ha Then the power will be off again for 6-8 days is what the company says!!!!

It has gotten me thinking about survival type kits. I thought maybe we could list some foods that would be appropriate to keep on hand for a survival kit. I know some people keep these in their cars for those "just in case" times. Feel free to add to the list!!

-Jessica :rolleyes:

Survival Kit List

Oberto Beef Jerky


Genisoy Peanut Butter Style Bars

Nuts (peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachos etc)



Dried Fruit

Bottled Water

Bottled Juice

Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn Cakes

Peanut Butter

Plastic Silverware

Paper Towels/Napkins

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That ice storm is headed my way. Let me add some stuff to your list.

Smart water (it has magnesium and calcium in it)

My own meal (I think we can have 2 varieties) it's kosher and does not require refridgeration


Think warm thoughts!


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