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Weight Gain

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Since the holidays I regained a little (5 lbs) I'd lost (I also never had the weight loss though my intestines were a mess <_< ) Now I'm back on the South Beach Diet, Phase 1 (no white crap, whole natural foods, no sugar, no alcohol...) It's a very easy diet for Celiacs. Seems written for us! :D Anyway, if you're serious about losing weight and changing you way of eating, take a look at http://www.southbeach-diet-plan.com/forum/index.php. It's a great site for recipes (naturally gluten-free) and support. (Phase one is just a "get rid of cravings, big weight loss" boost to the diet that only lasts two weeks. You can skip it and go to Phase two where you eat whole grains :blink: and fruit and a little wine and other good foods.)

Good luck and send a pm if you want to chat! :)

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