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Looking For Cookbook


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Hi All,

I am new to posting, but I have had Celiac for 29 years. All my life. I had a cookbook, rather my mom had a cookbook when I was a baby, and she has "misplaced" it. I don't know the name, or the author. I recall it was paperback, thin, and either blue or green on the outside.

She told me that she got it when I was a baby, so it is at least 29-30 years old. Mid 1970's. I have looked all over the internet and amazon, and I am coming up empty.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this, or think they can find it?

Thank you


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  • 3 months later...

hi . im not sure what book you are decribing . but a thought . I have collected old cook books early 1950's 60's mostly . I find alot in stores that say they sell antiques or garage sells is another place . even the salvation army sells alot of older good books. I guess most like the newer add a mix of this or that type. lol I have always prefered the older from scratch ones and now going gluten-free find that they have some amazing recipes so easy to adapt to the rice flours or already have potatoes or flour as its main ingred.

I really hope this helps and that you can find some that meet your needs or a replacement . good luck hunting is part of the fun . :D rosie

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  • 2 months later...

hi after thinking on this, I realize alot of the paper back type ,and thin cookbooks are usually from an appliance , or a new product ,an example is bisquick I have several of theirs and cool whip and baking powder and coconut some are just pages others are 70 or more pages , and even today mixers will include their cook books for using with their appliance.

I bet this was what it was , when you say it was paper back. I had one from sunbeam mixer loved in and lost it , unable to replace .Still never came across one.

I hope this might help you narrow your search .

gl rosie :D

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