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Cruise Vacation, I'm Home!

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I just returned from a 9 day vacation on the Windsurf which is owned by Windstar Cruise lines which is owned by Holland America. They told me before I cruised that they are a small sailing ship with only one kitchen so they could not guarentee gluten free, but they did say they would try like heck. Also on some Holland American cruises they will get you gluten free rolls and such, on my boat they said they "couldn't".

Well on top of being a great cruise, I was NOT glutened even once. The crew took my gluten issues and my daughters peanut allergy very seriously and checked all the ingredients in each dish. They alas do not have a dedicated fryer for french fries. But I had many choices at every meal and they were happy to give me things not on the menu. We had a great time!


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