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Weight Loss Among Other Symptoms

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brand new here so I thought I would introduce myself and ask what the group thinks. First off, 41 yr old male, always been in good health until the last 6 months or so. My symptoms at first were a general feeling of blahhh, nothing remarkable, just blah. I alwyas have thought I had gall bladder trouble so I normally stay away from a lot of red meat and fat, 7 yrs ago had a bout with acid and stomach cramps and gi trouble, had all the normal tests for gall bladder, results came back slow normal. Right after the first of this year, I began experiencing extreme heart burn, constipation for 3 days the the big D for 1 day, in a continuing cycle. I have been admitted into the hospital twice for chest pains, have had subsequent cardio-stress test with ultrasound, all blood, ekg, and stress test came back negative for any cardio problems. I had an endoscopy this past Thursday where the doc. found a small hiatal hernia, he also took a biopsy of my small intestine to check for celliac's. I realize my biopsy will tell all, but I am getting impatient and worried. Gall bladder tests all negative as well. here is a list of any and all symptoms.


blah feeling

occasional tingling in feet and hands

sinus infection x2 in past 5 months

constipation for 3 days followed by 1 day of D in a cycle

chest pains, non cardiac

terrible acid every day with or without eating

muscle aches in neck and back

teeth hurt at times

low energy levels

hoarse voice

I am sure others I have forgotten.

Thanks for any and all advice


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