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Update On Michael

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We had a great dr appt. I showed the GI the food diary I had kept and told her that all of Michael's ailments had dissapeared on a gluten-free diet. She said and I quote " hey if it's working for you, stick with it!" She said there was no medical reason for him to be gluten-free since the bw and biopsy were both negative however if he is responding to it, it is obviously the answer. She also said that she had read a new article earlier that day in a medical journal which stated in a small capsule study they found evidence of celiac in some people in parts of the small intestine that it wouldn't normally affect so are not usually biopsied. She was VERY supportive of our decision to keep him gluten free and was VERY happy he didn't need to take the antispasmadic meds as the stomach ache complaints have stopped. She said there is no reason to come back unless things change or down the line we want to revisit the idea of testing. Katharine is due for her one year check up next month. Thanks for reading and for all the advice.


Diagnosed Fibromyalgia March 2007

Mom to Katharine, 5 years old diagnosed Celiac Disease Sept 2006

Peanut allergy

Michael 3 years old diagnosed infant reflux at 6 weeks

Dairy Soy allergy until 22 months

Neg blood tests and biopsy Feb 2008

Positive gluten-free dietary response

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

Margaret Thatcher

Fall down seven times stand up eight.

"I've decided that after air, water, and dirt, the next most common substance on the planet must be gluten!"

Toni Nolte, Overland Park, Kansas

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YAY on the supportive doctor, and the health of your son! :D

Hmm, interesting what she said about the journal article.... I'd be interested in reading it if anyone finds it.


--Son, Lucas, age 7. Gluten-free since May 2007

--Son, Ezra, age 5. Gluten-free 10/13/07. Bipolar tendencies, massively improved on gluten-free diet! He's also allergic to a jillion antibiotics.

--My mother has Celiac Disease, dx'ed by Positive Blood Tests and Biopsy. Diagnosed Sarcoidosis 6/08.

--Myself, Gluten-free since 8/07

Time heals all hurt of heart... but time must be won.

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