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Marriott At University Of Delaware

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FYI for those of you who travel between DC and NY, or are in the Newark, DE area for some other reason:

We spent a weekend at the University of Delaware Marriott (a VERY nice hotel). As an afterthought, I emailed my customer survey in with a comment that since there is a great natural food store in town where I bought these gorgeous gluten-free foods ( a local outfit called Sweet Sin) , maybe the hotel would consider a gluten-free option for their (huge) breakfast buffet. (and save me the trouble of going and getting them!)

To my amazement, I heard the same afternoon from the manager of the hotel who said he had spoken to the Exec. Chef. They are quite willing to stock gluten-free things if needed and are just working out how they would let people know that 's an available option. How cool is that?! I never thought they would actually LISTEN :)

So, if you ever make a reservation here, be sure to ask if they can get gluten-free food for breakfast.


Mom/wife to celiacs dx 12/03 and 12/04

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