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Where To Get Gluten Free Kids Stickers

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Hi there,

My 3 1/2 year old is on a strict gluten free diet, and I desperately need to find gluten free stickers for him to use at preschool. His teacher hands out stickers at the end of the day as a way of rewarding the kids, but my son can't have them because of the gluten contained in stickers. Does anyone know where I can find gluten free kids stickers? He's really upset when he can't get a sticker, and it's causing problems at school.



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I think it is *possible* for stickers to contain gluten, but it's not common. I'll admit that I make the assumption that stickers don't have gluten and go ahead and use them. As of two years ago I know RoseArt brand stickers were gluten-free. Not sure about other brands.

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You might contact Mrs Grossman's stickers in California. She has a huge line of gorgeous acid free stickers and papers etc. They are very consumer oriented & I am sure you would get a reply. They used to supply schools, not sure if they still do.

http://www.mrsgrossmans.com/contact.shtml here is the link...

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