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Got Glutened At 9th Door In Denver

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Hi All,

I went to the 9th Door in Denver tonight and got glutened. I didn't feel it until I got home which was about a half hour after I stopped eating so it could have been anywhere in the meal. I got there early enough to get the cheaper happy hour appetizers which the waiter said could be made gluten free even if they weren't marked. I only ordered marked gluten free tapas for the main meal. And then for desert, none of the items were marked gluten free and they told me I could order anything but the chocolate cake so I had the chocolate covered figs.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this meal and am so disappointed to be having the reaction I am. But maybe it was because I asked for things that weren't marked. Can anyone tell me their experiences? I know for other restaurants I go to sometimes the server tells me the wrong thing and if it is a place I frequent I correct them and then don't get glutened. Could this be what happened to me tonight? Maybe the chocolate covered figs aren't really gluten free. Or I should have never attempted the happy hour appetizers.



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