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Alexander's Mom

Help With Newly Adopted Baby?

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I think I would look for a naturopath on the internet. Try googling naturopath and your state. I think a good one can be super helpful. Hopefully you will be able to find one near by.

Good Luck!

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or maybe contact your local celiac support group for referrals to a naturpathic doc...

this lady is not a doctor, she is Cleo J. Libonati, RN, BSN & has written a book "Recognizing Celiac Disease" but what it is really all about is celiac disease in all its manifestations & the underlying nutritional deficiencies. She spoke at our support group - she is not a perfect speaker - but oh my she has done her homework & is very very knowledgeable. Her email is orders@glutenfreeworks.com her web site is www.glutenfreeworks.com

she probably knows someone knowledable about nutrition in your area...

I have been going to my support group meetings for 4 years & this is the first speaker that I have been impressed with.

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