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Gluten Free Dining In Southern Ct

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Anybody know any good places to eat in Southern CT/Fairfield County area?

It would be really nice to find someplace that serves gluten-free pasta....


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Wish I had some names of places for you, I am coming home to the New Haven/Danbury area in June and need to find some places as well. I have seen a few names in threads here, just search under Connecticut. I believe the local support group out of New Haven (or Yale Univerity) has a restaurant guide on its website. CT is so small I am sure it must cover other counties outside of New Haven. Good luck

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Hi I live in Fairfield, can't say I know of a restaurant w/ gluten-free pasta -- although plenty of stores carry it here - Trader Joe's, Mrs. Green's (local health food store on Post Road), even Stop & Shop (one at each end of town on Post Road). I am still relatively new to this, someone else may know of a place.

I don't know if any local restaurants have a gluten-free menu (I haven't seen any), but most non-chain places have been very accommodating (we call ahead and mention gluten-free, then I give a speech before looking at the menu, etc.) If you are cooking for yourself there is also a great winter farmer's market at Fairfield Theater (their warehouse section) by the main train station Saturdays 10-1.

my personal restaurant experiences nearby -

Hunan Pavilion, Chinese restaurant at corner of Grasmere & Fairfield Ave - we got take-out there successfully, may depend on who's at the counter (my husband went in person & explained, we got 2 fresh-made no-soy-sauce stir fries and I was not glutened)

V wine bar - Post Road, about 1/2 mile into Westport from Fairfield, (and not so focused on wine, more a soup-salad-omelet type place) - I have ordered omelets with 'safe' ingredients (veggies, avocado, bacon - didn't bother cross-examining whether sausage and grated cheeses were really gluten-free) without being glutened. Omelets come with mixed greens dressed with a vinaigrette unless you say otherwise.

Wilson's BBQ on Post Road, all the ribs, brisket and pulled pork is gluten-free, the sausage is not, sides are as you would think (collards are gluten-free, mac & cheese is not); the vinegar (I think they call it Carolina) sauce is gluten-free, not sure about the others. They have tables but this is mostly take-out, open Thurs-Sun only

Yes, do check the New Haven list - that city has lots of wonderful restaurants, is 20 min's away on I-95 from Fairfield when it's not rush hour. I have had recent positive experiences at Ibiza and Foster's.

Hope this helps!

gluten-free (except unintentionally) from 7 Dec 2007

3 gluten-free cousins and counting (1 gold standard, 1 pos blood/no endo, 1 self/dietary diagnosed)

suspect mother was celiac (also, cousin suspects my mother's twin is celiac)

Feb 08 testing 'normal range' for gluten antibodies, IBD and food allergies

Staying off gluten - dietary reaction is compelling for me!

"Hi, I'm the gluten-free diner at your table."

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I am in Northern CT, but there is a specialty restaurant called Aleia's in Old Saybrook (not really near farifield but not SO far) that's entirely gluten-free! they have a bakery too. aleias.com is the website.

Gluten Free since 10/07

Mildly Lactose Intolerant, slight intestinal symptoms after eating milk products, but easily corrected with lactase enzyme

Endometriosis- DX'd 5/07

Gluten Antibodies- "negative"...don't know exact numbers, am highly suspicious...

DXed celiac 12-19-07 via genetics/elimination diet- DQ2 allele

Brother with Celiac, aspergers...his tests were all negative (he didn't have genetics done), including endoscopy, but he definitely is at the least gluten intolerant...highly suspect my mother has it as well- she has hyperthyroid, fibromyalgia, hemochromatosis, and now colon cancer, and she has been weak and exhausted and just generally sick. She's going to get tested.

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