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Questionable Lab Results, Lots Of Symptoms

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Hi all!

I'm new to forum, though I've been reading for a while.... I'm wondering how you all might interpret my blood results and symptoms...

I have been dragging since forever, beginning in high school (15 years ago!) and even more so since having kids (now 7 and 9). As a young child, I was extremely small, sickly & anemic. I didn't finally grow until 6th or 7th grade I think. I always had a really hard time gaining any weight despite eating everything under the sun! I was doing OK just before having kids; working FT, at a decent weight, happy and active. After kids, especially the 2nd, I just hit rock bottom. I was severely depressed, I felt like I was under two elephants, I had NO energy no matter how much I slept & my weight crept up & up, so now I'm 30 lbs. more than before I had kids. After my 2nd, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which seemed fairly under control for a while, but now continually flares up. My periods have become weird with lots of in between spotting on top of already long heavy bleeding. I have been bouncing between primary doc's, gastroenterologists & my trusty naturopath looking for answers...

Four years ago, post UC dx, with lots of fatigue, bloodwork showed:


Anti-Gliadin AB IgG: 23 EU (NEG) [N=<25 EU]

Anti-Gliadin Ab IgA: 11 EU (NEG) [N=<25 EU]



High MCH

High Vit B12

Low Ferritin

About six months later, more bloodwork showed:

TPO Ab (thyroid peroxidase): 10 IU/mL (HIGH)

TG Ab (thyroglobulin): <2 IU/mL (N)

Positive Streptozyme (AbN)

Rheumatoid Factor: 14 IU/mL (borderline High)

Last year, my cholesterol, LDL's and AST were all high!

This year, bloodwork shows:

Iron: 103 mcg/dL (N)

TIBC: 469 mcg/dL (HIGH)

Ferritin: 6 ng/mL (LOW)

TSH: 1.21 mIU/mL (N)

FT4: 1.1 ng/dL (N)

FT3: 285 pg/dL (N)

TPO Ab: 94 IU/mL (HIGH-climbing)

TG Ab: 37 IU/ml (HIGH-climbing)


"Negative for Celiac" per Dr. (didn't get actual results yet)


So.... No one wants to diagnose me as celiac, especially the gastro who of course poo-pooed me (no pun intended :P )! The naturopath thinks I should be gluten-free given the UC and

the thyroid antibodies. I was gluten-free for about 3 months, with some improvement UC wise and energy wise, but NOT completely. The gastro now says maybe the gluten-free diet would be OK to try given the genetics.... No one has yet decided to do anything about the thyroid issues, but I finally have an appt. with an endocrinologist who was willing to see me without a dr. referral in a month.

Other family history...

My 1st daughter has lots of mouth sores & chronic split/chapped lips,lots of earwax...

My 2nd daughter was extremely colicky as an infant (completely breastfed), then had lots of GI issues, prone to skin reactions...

My father has severe ataxia which is supposedly due to disc issues, but now I wonder???

Lots of depression in our family.

Brother with psoriasis.

Cousin's son has lots of GI issues and food intolerances, lots of testing but not formally dx'd yet...

Autism in a two distant cousins...

Carpal tunnel & Raynaud's (in me also)...

Migraines in my mom & sister...

Fibromyalgia in my aunt...

ADHD behavior in nephew...

So quite a bit to chew on here! So I'm about ready to go gluten-free again! But I'm wondering about testing my daughters through Enterolab... I'm very open to the idea of Non-celiac Gluten sensitivity, but I worry about the strictness of a GFD for kids without a full diagnosis. It's easy to make the decision for myself, but it is so hard to not feel like I'm maybe exposing my kids to "quackery".... I hope you parents out there understand what I mean. I don't really thinks it's quackery but plenty of people do.... And it's hard without published, peer-reviewed evidence for stool testing. AAGGH! So, I really look forward to some feed back from anybody with more knowledge or experience with this battle!

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

You have both celiac genes and improved on the diet. I would get the promethesus lab results. I would go on the gluten free diet. Stick with it for longer than 3 months.

For you kids, My daughter has no GI problems,but also has terrible mouth sores. Three kinds. She also stopped growing. Based on me saying I was gluten intolerant( I am not diagnosed) and her symptoms they tested her. But they have to if you insist. My daughter wanted to be tested (she's 7). The PA said her one mouth sore is connected to celiac.

I went through enterolab because I went gluten free first- I didn't know about all the various tests then. I KNOW I am gluten intolerant. It just confirmed it. I don't need to know if I have Celiac, but that is just me.

I think of it like this. If you get drunk and feel terrible the next day, everytime you get drunk, do you need a dr to tell you it is from the alcohol? what if they told you it wasn't from the alcohol?

gluten . . . Kiss my grits!

pork and beef free- 1994

wheat free or wheat light- 2003

gluten free- January 2008

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