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I know this forum is for doctors but seeing as there isnt one to rant about their nurses i thought here would be the best place.

My consultant asked my pearents to get their calcium and PTH checked along with being screened for coeliac. Today we went to my GPs surgry to see the nurse. First she said my pearents couldnt have any of the checks because they didnt have the letter which she then found in my notes (the reseptionist hadnt told the nurse what the appointment was for), then she said they didnt need the urine test that my GI had said they did (and i know he wouldnt say they needed it if they didnt), and that without written request she couldnt do the coeliac test and that even if she could she wouldnt be happy with it because they had no symptoms. :angry:

My GI had written explaining that he wanted my imediate family screened for coeliac and that my pearents were to be screened for hypercalcemia and PTH but either they mislaid those letters or they just ignored them :huh: . My sisters were both screened by their doctors when they didnt even have a letter from my consultant and they didnt need to see their GPs either, which my pearents now have to.

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Diagnosed coeliac - aged 14



                 High blood calcium

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The nurse has no business questioning a doctors request. If they have misplaced the letter - you can ask the nurse to phone the GI office and request they re-send the letter by fax as it has been misplaced. refusing to do a urine test ?? I would calmy say : "If you dont wnat to do the test, can you put that in writing ( why you are refusing to do it) so I can show my GI doc why a requested test wasnt performed?"

Even if she could she wouldn be happy?? A good reply would have been - "please ask my GI doc as he is the one insisting that these tests be done. I prefer you question the doctor rather than the patient"



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celiac 2004 - by endoscopy

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celiac - 2004 by endoscopy

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