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Gf Bread Recipe

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I am a new celiac disease patient and I am looking for a really good tasting gluten-free bread recipe. I have tried a few breads from the various cook books and they are very dense and lacking in taste. I thought maybe some of you celiac disease veterans could pass along a favorite recipe that we all could share in. In return I am posting a gluten-free Raw Fruit Pie Recipe I have been making:


Raw Almonds / Fresh Coconut / Figs (Or Substitute Dates) and, Any Fresh Or Frozen Fruit You Like.

Pie Crust:

In a food processor chop up the almonds into small pieces (but not to the point where it's a powder). Set aside the almonds and wipe out food processor. Crack open your fresh coconut and save the coconut milk. Chop the coconut in the food processor until it's in small pieces. Set aside coconut and wipe out the food processor. Finally, process your figs (or dates) until it comes together as a paste.

In a mixing bowl combine your almonds, coconut and figs together and add the coconut milk a small bit at a time until the mixture comes together. Spray a pie pan with cooking spray (make sure it's gluten-free) and press your mixture into place to form a crust. Cover and refridgerate for at least 1-hour.

Slice your favorite fruit (If you like Apples, or something else that will oxidize then place the slices into a lemon/water bath for 15-min.) and layer them into your crust. Cover and refridgerate (This is a raw pie that requires no baking). It is best to eat the pie the same day as it doesn't store that well but, it does taste great when it's fresh.


Bob :)

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I would really recommend Bette Hagman's "Basic Featherlight Rice Bread", the recipe can be found in her gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread cookbook. If you are a newbie to gluten-free cooking - I would highly recommend her cookbooks. I LOVE them all and she never repeats any recipes. You can find them for cheap on Amazon.

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