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Gluten/casein Tests In Sf Bay Area?

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Hi All,

I have been mostly gluten/casein free for the past 4 years based on my own empiricial tests i.e. elimination diet. But as you know its very hard to be gluten free when you socialize, go out for dinners with friends or just an innocous cant you try this. My friends keep asking me how are you so sure and my only explanation is that I know when I ingest gluten or casein, I get all the symptoms of Muscular pain, headache, brain fog, fatigue etc.. (Soy is also on this list).

Being a vegetarian makes it extra hard for me. My rice is primarily rice and pulses based (I'm from India) so atleast I have a lot of variety.

The question is, how do I get myself tested for gluten, casein and soy protein intolerance in the SF Bay area. Do I just visit a gastro physician. I have really lost hope on doctors for this since they dont seem to get it.

Are these tests 100% accurate? I'm also worried that I need to get back on ingesting gluten, casein before I get tested...



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