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Sublingual Vit B12 For Anemia/miacalcin For Osteoporosis

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Hi...I could use some advice. I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago with celiac disease...no GI symptoms, just anemia and osteoporosis. I had bloodwork done after a month on the gluten-free diet and my Transglutaminase IgA number went from well over 100 to 60. I had a follow-up appt. with my GP today and she went over the bloodwork my GI doctor had drawn. My B12 level is within 'normal' range but towards the low side. My folate level is high however. I've read that a high folate level may give a false normal B12 level? The GI doctor said everything was fine, but my GP wants me to go on sublingual B12. She said you cannot take too much B12, your body will secrete what it doesn't need. My question is does anyone use this and what brands do you recommend? I think there are 2 different kinds of B12 and am not sure which is better. And for my osteoporosis, I am only taking calcium, Vit D and magnesium. I cannot take Boniva, etc. because I have a very large hiatal hernia. The GP wants me to go on Miacalcin so I don't lose anymore bone mass before I begin to heal and absorb calcium again. Has anyone had any experience with this, also? Thanks for your help.


Gluten Free - February 16, 2008

Diagnosed with positive bloodwork and biopsy.

No digestive symptoms for the past 25 years, but did have severe anemia, osteoporosis, lactose intolerance and RLS at time of diagnosis.

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