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Park 75 - The Four Seasons

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My Mom and I just got back from a fabulous dinner at Park 75 in the Atlanta four Seasons. They are having a gluten-free next week and we accidently came a week too early! Anyways, the staff, manager, and chefs were great and VERY accommodating!

My Mother is gluten-free and so am I but I am also a vegan. Since we were not there for the planned gluten-free week, the chefs made our food especially for us. My Mom had the corn bread and scones, salad, crab cakes, and brussel sprouts. I has baba ganoush, risotto with white truffles, and a brownie with espresso sorbet! They were so nice to make these surprises for us- it was unbelievable!

I recommend this restaurant to everyone.

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